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Full automatic Pick and Place :


Clever Assembly Tool for advanced packaging :
Automatic micro assembly system for picking up and placing of components,
Manufacturing of prototypes, samples, small-medium
production batches or process evaluations,
Stand alone system designed,
Linear motors for x and y axis,
Versatile platform,
300 mm * 400 mm assembly area, ...

Options :
Toolbox, Dispenser system, Chip eject system, Upward looking camera, Eutectic unit, Stamping unit, Tape Feeder, Wafermapping, Post place inspection, Remote maintenance system, Manual pick &p lace mode, Tracking of production data, ...


Fast Automatic Bonder modules :
Typical applications are pick & place, sorting, inspection and test functions,
Automatic assembly system,
Compact equipment for fabrication,
Automatic dispenser change,
2 * 8“ Wafer parallel,
Integrated flow box,
Customer specific modifications,
500mm x 430mm area of operations, ...

Options :
Toolbox, Eject system, Dispenser, Stamping unit,
Flip chip unit, Uplooking camera, Tape feeder,
Eutectic unit, Wafer mapping, Off line programming,
CAD data import, Inspection, Manual mode,
Traceability, ...

Download the data sheet CAT :

Download the data sheet FAB-1 :
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