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ONTOS TT - Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment

An Innovative Process applies a gaseous passivation
that delay the re oxidation of the metallic surfaces.

Simple, Effective and Safe Process :
Simple process no vacuum chamber.
Fast completes in a few minutes.
Downstream radical chemistry only.
Ultra clean no particle adders or contamination.
Safe for devices and personnel :
No arc discharges, ions, bombardment.
• Re deposition, or spalling particles.
CMOS safe, compound semiconductor safe.
Non-toxic, dry process. OSHA and EPA friendly.
CE Mark (third party inspection).
Easy Installation : 120-240V / 50-60Hz Power, Process Gases, House vacuum, exhaust.

Télécharger la fiche produit en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous :
+33(0)4 90 40 60 90
+33(0)4 90 40 61 05 (FAX)

ZA la Garrigue du Rameyron
84830 Serignan-Du-Comtat
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